Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Red Lights Over Phoenix Cause "Phoenix Lights" Sighting Monday

Atlanta, GA 4/22/2008 05:47 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Red lights over Phoenix, Arizona, officially known as "The Phoenix Lights", were seen Monday night, prompting speculation of a UFO over the city.

The first sighting of the red lights over Phoenix was in 1997, prompting the sighting to be dubbed "The Phoenix Lights". The lights were originally spotted in March of 1997 by thousands of people in Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.

The lights reportedly appeared in a triangle formation and moved slowly across the sky at a height of approximately 1,000 feet. Many witnesses claimed that the lights lined the edges of a V-shaped aircraft.

Since then, the sighting has not been seen until Monday night.

Deer Valley airport, Luke Air Force Base, Sky Harbor, DPS and Phoenix Police could not explain where the lights originated from in 1997 or in 2008. Due to the unorthodox formation and speculation, it is believed that the lights were that of a UFO.

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djlmeister said...

We seem to have this same Triangle shaped formation UFO here in South Africa. The formation is the exact same ! i saw it in 1995 or 1996. and one of they guys that work with me recorded that same Formation UFO on his blackberry !

I also discribed the shape to him before he showed me !

i believed he recorded in on 14 Oct 2011 i still have the blackberry video on email